3/13 Flowers in spring stock info!

In the warm weather today, it feels good!
Followed by a day like this, and I am happy! ~

Suppliers of plants here a couple of times,
Oita spring flowers in stock come with.
Just a little introduction in the photo.






Other osteospermum carpet or grass corner.
Erica (wataboushi) violareum
Angrostenma serignese, Mayor
Nemesia gigandium gum
Etc. is in stock now.

Also offering flowers for the spring equinox
出soromasu from tomorrow.

Amaryllis sale started!

And the deadline today!
This is a early discount registration in the equinoctial sympathy flowers.
17 th day before the spring equinox with the (Saturday)
Likely will be very busy.

Today, more than 2000 yen purchased the book
And 14-16,
Customers receive guests online
A gift voucher can be used at the store!

Come on, please.

And in the last 2 months late
March birthday staff
A total of four!
Celebrate with a cake
Hello everyone, happy birthday