1/28 Plant products

Spring flowers the last Sunday of the arrivals in January.

Difficult to stock "Tuberous plants.
Several in stock come with.

And some stores will stock
Please note that there is not.

For those not interested in "eh! "And
Feel so kinda expensive...
Still, the last-minute price setting possible.
Shop sale now!

And the other day, end-of-year overdue and
New year's Party once again, West field, shop staff and
At a dinner party.

Users of the e-zine for the road
Ikeda's indebted shop
Oriental beef"Omachi 2 second generation y. Goro"
On the go!

Sendai-shi Aoba-Ku Omachi 2-8-1
TEL 022(393)6104

Fat melting rare sites of good organs and lean
Come relax.

Small intestine, Tsurumi, Sagari, seen-streaks
Nakaochi, will gut and meat. And,
Good sites not normally in the mouth!