1/21 site pie day

In the generationSee site PE.I asked
MATSUDA Seiko"Red site PE.To
I think many people envision a
121, is on the site PE is!

Why? ... And I look on the Internet and...

At this time, but site pie season, with
But Ms. Seiko Matsuda's song "red site pie"
Day was released because it is.

Also has a flower that "departure"
And farewell to this dating site PE of
It is right for the season.

Site PE not only pastel colors,
Feel the spring from its aroma rich
It is a fragrant flower.

Gift, gifts, your home for
Site PE is would you like today?

Over the past two weeks, in the tomiya shop,
Layout changes and implemented.
Enjoy come shopping at shop new!

Sunday 3:30 PM days of the week and until 4:00 30 minutes
We held the importantly of vegetables, please.

You forward your visit.