12-corporate training sessions.

I was not quite up to the
In December, unable to travel seminars,
And for new year's day arrangement
Christmas Wreath making, such as
We have done.

Understanding, as
Photos will I be!

AGU town meeting women, as requested
Flower workshop for new year

And I have been working silently.
But with the same flowers arrangement
Each personality, nice work.

Tomiya community activity support center customer request
Christmas Wreath workshop

People and had a nice lease.

JA Sendai Nakata Lady of your request
New year's for flower arrangement course

We experienced just as the
What advice do not even
Each of you works silently, work
Perfect finish!

And at the end of large orders!
Good luck work overtime, staff
Arrange managed 114 pieces made!

And a bonus at the end!
1/6 is your birthday
West field staff, Ogasawara's.
A small celebration.

Happy birthday!!