Weekend events

Corporate seminar client receives this weekend,
I have been moving around.

11/11(Soil) yagyu South Neighborhood Association women's Department Mr. bonsai!

I was alone, about 40 complaints
I forgot my careless work landscape taking photos... ^ ^;

Chose your favorite flower 6-pot in the buffet.
I happily group planting experience is had.

Ask the neighborhood ladies, gentlemen,
Thank you very much.

11/12(Sunday) fiscal 29 year flowers education classrooms
Family tour in Unzen South region

Please request floral arrangements classroom
Was in charge.

It was a participation of 20-40 persons.

11/7-11 / 9, Miyagi Prefecture agricultural high school work experience

Three female students who came to the workplace practice.
We have experience for General shop work.
Challenge on the final day, flower arrangements, and
Whats the take home as a souvenir.

11/7~ 11 / 8 Narita junior high school work experience

Female student three people came to work experience.
Unfortunately, I destroyed the health, day 2 had two students
Us working to work hard.
On the day as well as the final challenge, and flower arrangements
Whats the take home as a souvenir.