11/5 Importantly time & date

Green station
SATO gardening it is ^ ^

Sunday day
Whether your celebration is a?-?

In yesterday's plant purchases
Pansy and viola is in stock now!

The rare plant is in stock now!

Senecio Angel Wings

Strong heat, cold, all the year round,
Like Angel's wings
Fluffy can enjoy this.

It is each store bowls 3 limited stock.

The flowers arrived the other...


Flower Moon

Smell the cherry

Arrived the other day,Succulents

Others are delivered variously.

Come, look over, under and.

And every Sunday for the annual day of the week"Importantly"
4:00 PM-30 minutes 4:30 is holding limited.

Vegetables, fruit and 2 discount sale

Don't miss-

However, contract sales: vegetables and foods is excluded.

The other day, but 10/30 birthday
West field staff, ujiie
It was a birthday celebration.

This time it's a Costco cake

Anyway, it's a Big
The divide between people and fantastic!

Ujiie's congratulations

Pictured above is held
JA said is an agricultural Festival of the mountain landscape.