9/10 Tomiya shop importantly Guide

As in the title,
Today, 9/10 (Sunday) tomiya shop exclusive!
Importantly meeting day!

10Time-2 hours until midnight!

Machida West openSo,
Careful careful of not think!

Well, importantly what...

Plant products (including Potted flowers, orchids, ornamental plants, blooming flowers and vegetable seedlings)
30% off

Plants are under the eaves.(The one with the seal of the 5 discount)
At the cash register, to discounts onThan 70% off regular price

Absolute bargain!

And, from the corner of the vegetable, please...

Full Super-bargain products!

10Time-limited hours until 12 am!

We never went to tomiya shop
Temple, will simply drive.
Sendai bypass, General Superintendent tunnel crossing
The climb to Akashi and Narita
It is just 3 km from the intersection of.

In yesterday's plant purchases
New products are in stock.
Among the rare plants found!

Anthurium hackers

Big leaves (like taniwatari! )
Flowers of it!-and when I looked in the stock origin
Sober-found flowers!

Tomiya Shop 3 pots Nishinakajima Machida 2 bowls of limited quantity.
I want more soon!

You forward your visit!