8/27 Plant products

Hello ~!
Last summer new weather
I went back.

Now, notice of the plants of the last stock information.

Vegetable seedlings

Cabbage Broccoli Cauliflower
Lettuce baby leaf stick broccoli seedlings
We are in stock.

Flower seedlings

Med Serge exacum Euphorbia (glacier)
Pennisetum, fountain glass windmill Chrysanthemum American blue
Tanzra Calluna snow "casula" Martian successor nadesico (tropical)
Pinus parviflora UPA thorium (white)
Zlvakia (garlic vine) herbal geranium
And sacaki Lavender benicaname

Potted Flower

Butler cat whiskers riegersbaconia
Mums excellen Tomamu gentian (white / blue / pink)
Southern Cross capital plant Christmas Cactus
From single flowering Aster Kalanchoe minigerbera
Bulb Begonia Moonlight fantasy
Smell the cherry autumn light Chrysanthemum (double-petaled red) Chinese trumpet vine
Bilberry alonia New Guinea impatiens
Clematis-framura system (Sage grass)
Eremophila Nivea etc

Foliage plants

Guzmania fittonia defenvakia
IND Cho uranium dracaena and cordyline
Peperomia happy been tradescantia
Caladium Succulents including

Tropical orchids

Kochourann 5000 Yen ~

In stock now and will-be!

Come and bring your legs please.

In addition, today's hibiscus?For potted plants
At the cash register than the listed priceAt half the priceWill be sold.
Gone is the end.

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