7/30 Closing sale end date

In the rain yesterday, before opening the store in front of the gate
Customers were lined up.

Thank you for your visit.

↓ ↓ ↓ opening before

Well, is super bargain deals

2-day closing sale plants all 40% off

To guide you and broke
Today the last day of the sale of financial

The plant products 50% off

List price is half price!

This is a once a year opportunity. Do not miss to no.

So yesterday was the purchase of plants
New plants are in stock now.

Vegetables stuffed with whatever was received yesterday.
Hey, piling too much? Is close your eyes...

August event scheduleAlso we now have.
Take a look at the store you received.
It can be downloaded from the home page.

Changes the subject, limited-time summer season
This is the recruitment of part-time jobs.

Work location is located in Taihaku-ku, Sendai-shi, yagyu,
It is processed at Headquarters.
Bon sympathy flowers are processed.
8/7-Is your job for a limited period of 8/12.
Interested please contact West Machida.