Update in a very long time!

Update of the month...? lol)

Someone owners cut corners... and it is said that
It was a really busy month.
On the calendar, this year had round or Buri with Equinox and graduation ceremony
It was unusually busy.
And, overlap the swap time both store cash register
It also is busy!

Notice the cherry blossom season had been.

Introduce a little this month event.

★ 3/1 JA Sendai Nakata's women's Department we arrange seminars on request

★ 3/6 tomiya city volunteer friends of the customer's
Gathering volunteers to natural lease seminar-

3/6 Smile style brush character classes

★ mid-March graduation-related

★ mid-March spring equinoctial week

Too much busy with photography was nothing...

★ 3/12-at TSUTAYA tomiya Dai Shimizu distributors
Plants on sale

★ January-staff's March birthday celebration

Happy birthday guys

Feel the right to.

Since the spring, and plant products
Going up!