Plant products!

2 months from today!
I tried to start new! ... And
This is 2/1, I think.

Well, it is a yesterday's plant purchase information.

↓ a lovely double Christmas rose

↓ I single-blooming Hellebore is a chic shades.

↓ Primula obconica kinda of cool shades are drawn personally color is! ~

↓ Strawberry "Yayoi""a very big fruit! Sweet-no smells.

Tomorrow's event guide

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The deals emerging from the February...

Discount of 30% from Cymbidium products price

Newsletter exclusive Strawberry 50 yen discount

At lastThe bargain of the day

Primula polyantha

Usually about 300 yen, Wow!
One bowl 150 yen
Gone is the end!

Spring is really very much looking forward to these days