9/11 Stock information & guide to auctions

9/10(Saturday) to 9 / 11(Date) for the weekend
In the city of SendaiJazz Festival
Show! ~
I like to go to and, while I
It is difficult to work on weekends, so it...

Well, it is a yesterday's plant in stock information.

Variety of succulent plants
Air plants
Spathiphyllum (variegated)
← so rare!

Seedling stock
Garden cyclamen
Maiden of the Andes

Purple foil purple cabbage seedlings world kanako (murasakisoushi)
Just stuff
Ash yellow variegated
← so rare!

In addition to many in stock now!

And today 9 / 11(Day) is
This is the auction date!

Tomiya shop limited event is.
10:00 30 start. Scheduled for 2 hours

Flowers and ornamental plants, vegetables and fruits
Equipped with a bargain.
Come on your family and friends teaser
Please visit us!

9/10 ★-until the 9 / 13 event ★

Plant products 20% discount!

This is the equinoctial busy period before the last big event.
Do not miss to not