9/4 Plant products!

Notice of plant products today!
Plus, is a guide for today's sale.

In the first, typically sold at 250 Yen
Potted FlowerFotsch
Great deals on the a-I, and...

100-yen shop!

Is each store 30 pots limited.

And then,
The Ibaraki industrial sweet potatoes available.

3 100 yen

Because the amount of delivered
One person what's mouth is OK!

And as of yesterday, Oita extended vegetable seedlings.
I will introduce along with photos

On the right → upper left
→ the middle left and right in the Middle
Bottom left to bottom right
In order the Guide!

Cauliflower mountains
Cauliflower-Orange bouquet
Snow Crown of cauliflower (is the best classic products)
Purple cauliflower violet Quinn
Tansy (Chinese cabbage)
Kyoto mizuna sleet & red monk

Stem broccoli sautéed
Broccoli green Ridge
Asparagus dishes autumn poem
Leaf lettuce
Lettuce early Salinas
Mesclun lettuce Red

Mini Chinese cabbage parental line love Princess
Chinese cabbage parental line Orange King (in Orange type)
Ruby red cabbage ball
Cabbage holiday park
Until the cabbage sweet
Cabbage YR youth items

Here's the introduction to plants

Real big goal Terrier
Cranberries (can jam)
Rindou various
Lavender Sage
Variety of Succulents

Vegetable & fruit Guide

Eat sweet potato beetle
Yellow peach
Even date white peach
WatermelonPrice was!
Tugann (good diet I am! )
Grape Aki Quinn (skin eaten, is no)

It is such a feeling.

Await your visit,