Tomiya shop sale end date guide

Finally the rainy day has it! ~
But still hot ~.

Alright,Tomiya shop closing saleAlso
When leaving I became one day.
In the afternoon, there was additional plants in stock
On the first day to visit us in the morning for your
Once again worth it is! ~

↓ appearance shortly after the opening before sale day

Following today's "Umberto"

Following today's "Cycas"

↓ Lotus bud with

↓ summer ebine

Arrow grass Alcoa (Alcoa morning glory)

Down arrow one et al's (tomiya shop only)

I'm much more! ~

★ August event schedule ★

Great for waiting was.
At this stage the August event schedule.
So you can download from HP
Please contact us.

★ urgent! Time-limited jobs ★

Bon offerings for Buddha flower milling work
We are looking for part-time jobs.
Is every year male students, please.
Every job asking students
Circumstances and people become insufficient.

Location: Head Office works
Sendai city Taihaku-ku, yagyu, 上河原 19
Working days: 8 / 8 (Monday)-8/13(Soil) until
Working hours: 9:00-18:00Around until (some overtime work and)
Hourly rate: 750 Yen

In the work is not hard, but work on a hot day
Hard work that is challenging.
It is more than high school male student's orientation.

Submissions and inquiries from West field, store manager Sato.
TEL 022(242)4001

A little late
The July staff birthday celebrations.
This is hot-not so made ice cream Baskin.

Mr./Ms. Murakami tomiya shop
Happy birthday!!!

It was the contents of today's blog.