June event schedule

Hello ~!
Notice June...
Without the blog updates may
I have done...
I am sorry

Chased by our daily work, good blog
But it didn't have...

That didn't discourage the best June

So finally to June event schedule
HP was up.
Internal Affairs is scheduled up to HP.
Schedule created in Excel format, once on the PDF
That is not working and must be converted
This time this work didn't do anything well,
I have been having some. Day by day, fight against the computer...
I study it is still...

6/4Of the suppliers in thePink AnnabelleIt's
I have potted plants in stock! ~
Each store 4 bowls each are in stock.

Also in stock are rare types of lavender.
"Lavender Woolley.
Incurved leaf a little,
The feeling feels like Ramseyer.
Here is each store at 12 in stock.

The other day, Tohoku international school
1-go to sophomore class of plant growth
To have help you in your study.
International school and the basic English.
In my English language level? And it was filled with anxiety.
Interpretation of Assistant teacher, so any way?...-
And self-evaluation (lol)

5/23-5/27 over the long Street School 2nd grade
Accepted the work practice of the two male students.
Usually they do shop I got involved in General.
Challenge, and flower arrangements for the first time on the last day,
I got home as a souvenir.

Tomorrow, 6/7 is the receipt date of the plant!
Stock information up to theDo my best!

You've found the Super Lucky, you know theyLet

A guide to very late
In the users of your store's email newsletter
Together we have.
Located in Watari-Cho
Milk shop DELI, Inc. chant,
milkdeli.com (← in search)

We issued the coupon booklet in each season.
Handed out to home-delivery subscribers are the ones that are.
It is 3-4 Cho Sen South the courier Meiji milk.
In recent times, East field, West field, direction of yagyu
Delivery area is expanding!

The spring issue (April-June),
We are on our coupons.
Each store only one three-part regimen prior to Hoya.
After tomorrowThe earliest ones win! In you can receive!