4/24 Flower products!

I had the weather last Sunday, April! ~!

Yesterday's purchase of flowers is in stock!

Your request was
Scent of Roses is in stock now.
Type: photos from twinkle-?

The number is limited, so please-.

And vegetable seedlings started and finally in stock.
Though still rare, are not!
Today the current stock situation.

Cucumber seedlingsFrom root grafting
Eggplant seedlingsMercy mercy mid-length water should be done at length
Red pepper seedlingsEagle claw Fushimi sweet long manganji
Parsley seedlings
Tomato seedlingsMomo taro eighty-eighth birthday
Cherry tomato seedlingsAiko red 玉丸
Sweet pepper seedlings
Sweet pepper seedlings
Bitter melon seedlings
Silky snow peas seedlings
Green soybean seedlings
Pumpkin seedlingsSpecial is in a mess Miyako carry over my
Zucchini plants 2Diner (green leather) Aurum (yellow skin)
Okra seedling
Red perilla seedlings
Stick broccoli seedlings
Cabbage seedlings

And today both branches together

CDN planting eventIs being held.

In the shop you purchased
To purchase or carry
Planters or pottery Bowl on the spot
Shrubbery, you get to take home.
We serve pot bottom stone, soil and fertilizer.
Super LuckyCDN planting eventTo
Miss not!