Plant products!

3Earlier this month, have been more warm weather? ~

And I spring gardening season is a rush!

Today, from Ibaraki stretched the legs to buy flowers. Also a lot of flowers or plants not in stock, it kind of was stocked.
Kinda feeling⤴Is V(^_^)V

Please wait a little because I think on Wednesday will be shelves.

↓ Herb seedlings has been enhanced!

↓ Ranunculus bicolor

↓ Succulents

↓ seedlings of pothos marble pots well yeah!

↓ minicattlea brightly colored
Looks like flowers!

↓ cherry blossoms 10 varieties in stock now!
During that time, named 仙台屋 Sakura cherry blossoms!

Introduced is a part of the stock.
Please come and visit.