Plant stock information, report & dice discount Guide

Up in the morning, I was surprised at the snow outside
But let face to blue sky, we are relieved.

The other day is 12 (Tuesday) plant products.
Up photos and try to take time but was
I have become today.

Hidden s-Venus gold
Because perennial planted area is OK.

Schefflera arboricola-Hong Kong variegated
The Hong Kong of the variegated types. What young feels good to have!

Hydrangea spring Angel
World's first! Born in biotech and technology!
To manage indoors at home since February April flowers bloom.

Narcissus clusters bloom fragrant narcissus
Early in the spring to feel the gentle fragrance, a little Oh ~


Cold temperature is 2 ° C to 3 ° C, warm and flat can overwinter outdoors.
In Sendai, in laboratory management is best in winter.

Oncidium yellow cab
Naming is cute 

Mini kochourann
Compact kochourann, so I decorate it, wherever you are!

In addition,Yunnan Primrose Freesia Tulip
Okisaris rodansemam Julien
Dimorphotheca sinuata Cymbidium mini plants
And so on

And today after a long time"Dice discount day.It is!

Upon payment, you roll the dice
Discount rate is determined by the number of roll'm! ~

The numbers "1"1 discount
The numbers "2" →2 discount
The numbers "3" →3 discount

And-the your discount rate will be in how much do?

Foods such as fresh vegetables and flowers is discounted.
Please be careful!

At the Exhibition Center today and tomorrow is to wholesale city
And materials exhibition of flower industry trade fair
Staff change at the tour will continue.
Something good I wonder if you'll find ~?