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2017年5月7日 : 5/7 GW最終日





ようやく、アシタバ インゲン(つるなし)、ヤーコンなども


2017In April, 9 pm : Update in a very long time!

Update of the month...? lol)

Someone owners cut corners... and it is said that
It was a really busy month.
On the calendar, this year had round or Buri with Equinox and graduation ceremony
It was unusually busy.
And, overlap the swap time both store cash register
It also is busy!

Notice the cherry blossom season had been.

Introduce a little this month event.

★ 3/1 JA Sendai Nakata's women's Department we arrange seminars on request

★ 3/6 tomiya city volunteer friends of the customer's
Gathering volunteers to natural lease seminar-

3/6 Smile style brush character classes

★ mid-March graduation-related

★ mid-March spring equinoctial week

Too much busy with photography was nothing...

★ 3/12-at TSUTAYA tomiya Dai Shimizu distributors
Plants on sale

★ January-staff's March birthday celebration

Happy birthday guys

Feel the right to.

Since the spring, and plant products
Going up!

2017On February 15th. : Smile style brush character cemy on event information

Smile style brush character seminar information

Writing brush character tastes in just 3 hours!

Drawn from an acquaintance at smile style calligraphy
Was started when I received the letter.
What taste and a nice character, what... and!
And shop POP I wonderful!-with the
A year ago, along with all our staff
Smile style brush characters learned.

In the shops, in some places, painted at smile style calligraphy
I saw the price tag?

Only 3 hours like that taste
I will write a nice letter!
"My character is bad..." I worry is useless!

This time, not yet learn the smile style calligraphy
For staff in the shop,
Seminar to be held by tomiya shop.
Instructor's students through word of mouth alone, limited time offer
Is a Japan National flying Horiuchi Masami.

At this time, so much trouble,
If multinationals are interested to smile style calligraphy,
Do not take together!? The thing that
I've decided to announce to the general public.

But never at affordable prices
Appreciate what we become.

Good hands, does not matter.
Anyone have warm, only 3 hours
Smile style characters are put.

Smile style effect is...
Shop sales go up
So will deeply impress your contacts spread
From postcard hesitantly thanked.

Smile style write just so it's quite soothing.
Smile style is good every one is different.
Taste of the 印象dzukemasenn you??

This beginner card basics and
Intermediate, pop variety is writing pop course.

Re: 1/2017
Location: Green station tomiya shop
1-6-9 Narita tomiya,
TEL 022(351)7125
Time: Beginner Edition 10:00~13:00
Intermediate Division 14:00~17:00 *Again students only
Participation fee: Beginner 6,980 yen (Fude pen or any other materials included)
Intermediate 7,980 yen (Fude pen please)
Payment method: on the day at the reception teacher direct payment
(Satisfaction money back guarantee)

Click here for detailed information about smile style calligraphy

Any questions, please contact us.
Attn: Manager SATO Sayuri until
2017On February 15th. :
Evaluation of seed potato seed stock information

The kinds of seed potato and spring
Now in stock at last!

The type of seed potatoes.

Kite Akari
Danshaku (import)
May Queen
Ande thread

The company sells six.

Species, last year many of us,
Herbs and ground coriander seeds are in stock.

2017On February 10th. : 2/10 Winners announced!
It is a day of fun raffle winners announced.

Selected winners, congratulations!

In January, to purchase more than 1000 yen
Minute entry tickets for distribution to the applicants.

Grand Prize – mail your postcard to everyone until the third.
Postcard is win shopping vouchers.

To 4 / 5 of our in-store pick-up.
Please confirm your name on the
The winners know your name;
For example our points card Member
Point card is OK.

Nishinakajima-Machida winner:

Tomiya shop winner:

It's got a 4, 5, etc. soon receive freebies.
Now disabled and are not received by March
Please note that the.