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2017September 10th. : 9/10 Tomiya shop importantly Guide

As in the title,
Today, 9/10 (Sunday) tomiya shop exclusive!
Importantly meeting day!

10Time-2 hours until midnight!

Machida West openSo,
Careful careful of not think!

Well, importantly what...

Plant products (including Potted flowers, orchids, ornamental plants, blooming flowers and vegetable seedlings)
30% off

Plants are under the eaves.(The one with the seal of the 5 discount)
At the cash register, to discounts onThan 70% off regular price

Absolute bargain!

And, from the corner of the vegetable, please...

Full Super-bargain products!

10Time-limited hours until 12 am!

We never went to tomiya shop
Temple, will simply drive.
Sendai bypass, General Superintendent tunnel crossing
The climb to Akashi and Narita
It is just 3 km from the intersection of.

In yesterday's plant purchases
New products are in stock.
Among the rare plants found!

Anthurium hackers

Big leaves (like taniwatari! )
Flowers of it!-and when I looked in the stock origin
Sober-found flowers!

Tomiya Shop 3 pots Nishinakajima Machida 2 bowls of limited quantity.
I want more soon!

You forward your visit!

2017In August 27. : 8/27 Plant products
Hello ~!
Last summer new weather
I went back.

Now, notice of the plants of the last stock information.

Vegetable seedlings

Cabbage Broccoli Cauliflower
Lettuce baby leaf stick broccoli seedlings
We are in stock.

Flower seedlings

Med Serge exacum Euphorbia (glacier)
Pennisetum, fountain glass windmill Chrysanthemum American blue
Tanzra Calluna snow "casula" Martian successor nadesico (tropical)
Pinus parviflora UPA thorium (white)
Zlvakia (garlic vine) herbal geranium
And sacaki Lavender benicaname

Potted Flower

Butler cat whiskers riegersbaconia
Mums excellen Tomamu gentian (white / blue / pink)
Southern Cross capital plant Christmas Cactus
From single flowering Aster Kalanchoe minigerbera
Bulb Begonia Moonlight fantasy
Smell the cherry autumn light Chrysanthemum (double-petaled red) Chinese trumpet vine
Bilberry alonia New Guinea impatiens
Clematis-framura system (Sage grass)
Eremophila Nivea etc

Foliage plants

Guzmania fittonia defenvakia
IND Cho uranium dracaena and cordyline
Peperomia happy been tradescantia
Caladium Succulents including

Tropical orchids

Kochourann 5000 Yen ~

In stock now and will-be!

Come and bring your legs please.

In addition, today's hibiscus?For potted plants
At the cash register than the listed priceAt half the priceWill be sold.
Gone is the end.

Email Member only deals

Watermelon & mail was received even at your present
Would you believe it!50 yen discount.In the will.

Also, members newsletter every day
3% discountIn the shop you can.
I received mail will save.

By the way, the 3% discount with other discounts
Please note that you cannot use it.

2017年8月21日 : July-August event
Long time no update!

I miss the rain the Sun every day.
How to shop too the Obon season,
Also tried to quiet the rain is continuing...

Wanted to introduce to the front of the tray
Had a new product.
I was kinda late, but
So fall towards the equinoctial demand might be
It will guide you.

"My favorite candle.

Offering a room as well
It is cute. It is quite real.

It is being sold in front of both store cash register.

Memorial trees Kokeshi

Two years ago, had planted on the Bank of the West field stores aside
Conifer trees, did take the plunge cut.
Also, when we planted there was only 2 m conifer
After about 10 years, grown to be super big!
Compared to a conifer next to me,
Will help you understand the size?

Trees were cut off in some way, you want to leave a Memorial and thought,
Kokeshi dolls know to ask,
We have to work.
Course content, so everything good
Anyway you want to leave a form... and just tell him.

And is a Kokeshi doll photo has been completed.
Excellent workmanship than you thinkIt is
What part of the Kokeshi dolls shaped lid has become,
Part of the body is hollow, so
I will be in the glove compartment

So for a while, instead of putting Machida West register prior to
When you visit us!

"Moon Botapii No.9"

Bota pie September arrived.
Featured in this month's cactus and succulent plants.
It is substantial at any time while.
Come on, please.

Stuff for your birthday in July and August

In July, there was born in August, our staff.
Even the staff kinda late birthday,
Did you celebrate.

Tomorrow, 8/22 ~ 3 days until 8/24
An Nishinakajima Machida, Mr./Ms. Nakata junior high school work experience training.
Two students into practice.
If you look after the ' good luck ' and
Please put your voice.

Stock of the plant the other day,Akino vegetable seedlingsWe arrived just a little bit.
Only the cabbage, cauliflower, and Mesclun.
So will more than
Please stay tuned!

2017On July 30th. : 7/30 Closing sale end date
In the rain yesterday, before opening the store in front of the gate
Customers were lined up.

Thank you for your visit.

↓ ↓ ↓ opening before

Well, is super bargain deals

2-day closing sale plants all 40% off

To guide you and broke
Today the last day of the sale of financial

The plant products 50% off

List price is half price!

This is a once a year opportunity. Do not miss to no.

So yesterday was the purchase of plants
New plants are in stock now.

Vegetables stuffed with whatever was received yesterday.
Hey, piling too much? Is close your eyes...

August event scheduleAlso we now have.
Take a look at the store you received.
It can be downloaded from the home page.

Changes the subject, limited-time summer season
This is the recruitment of part-time jobs.

Work location is located in Taihaku-ku, Sendai-shi, yagyu,
It is processed at Headquarters.
Bon sympathy flowers are processed.
8/7-Is your job for a limited period of 8/12.
Interested please contact West Machida.

2017年7月29日 : 7/29 Tomiya shop great closing sale!

Here here!

Tomiya shop big results for sale

7/29(Soil)And 7 / 30(Day)For as long as two days

Miss, do not

But, unfortunately forPattern....
To open when the weather!

Due to the tomiya shop closing sale
Machida West also offers do sponsor sale!

First of all it's the tomiya shop

This is a once a year opportunity.

Plant products 40% off

Ceramic pots, plastic pots and iron materials 30% off

Cut flowers, potting soil, fertilizer, chemicals, seed, etc.  20% off

And,-Super bargains

Flowers or plants 100 yen goods
Free combination
Find three It is 180 Yen!
From there 40% off at checkoutWith a whopping108 Yen

And,Farm-fresh cornerFrom the

From the Philippines Banana 50 Yen

Miyagi Prefecture Tomato1 bag100 yen

Miyagi Prefecture Daikon radish1 book50 Yen

Miyagi Prefecture Chinese cabbage parental line1 ball10 yen

Miyagi Prefecture Red shiso1 bunch50 Yen

Vegetables stuffed with unlimited1 bag100 yen
(Potatoes, carrots, onions, potatoes and garlic)

And tomorrow last day...
I plant will be cheaper...

Plants of larger ones, is rich in stock!

Also later, please.

And,Machida West is...

From the Philippines Banana 50 Yen

Miyagi Prefecture Tomato1 bag100 yen

Flowers or plants 100 yen goods 
Free combination
Find 3 100 yen

Never, never miss to not

Waiting your visit, you will to.