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2017年11月14日 : 週末の出来事

11/11(土)柳生南町内会婦人部様 寄せ植え教室




11/12(日) 平成29年度 花育移動教室
        親子バスツアー in 仙南地域



11/7~11/9 宮城県農業高等学校職場体験


11/7~11/8 成田中学校 職場体験


2017年11月5日 : 11/5 Importantly time & date
Green station
SATO gardening it is ^ ^

Sunday day
Whether your celebration is a?-?

In yesterday's plant purchases
Pansy and viola is in stock now!

The rare plant is in stock now!

Senecio Angel Wings

Strong heat, cold, all the year round,
Like Angel's wings
Fluffy can enjoy this.

It is each store bowls 3 limited stock.

The flowers arrived the other...


Flower Moon

Smell the cherry

Arrived the other day,Succulents

Others are delivered variously.

Come, look over, under and.

And every Sunday for the annual day of the week"Importantly"
4:00 PM-30 minutes 4:30 is holding limited.

Vegetables, fruit and 2 discount sale

Don't miss-

However, contract sales: vegetables and foods is excluded.

The other day, but 10/30 birthday
West field staff, ujiie
It was a birthday celebration.

This time it's a Costco cake

Anyway, it's a Big
The divide between people and fantastic!

Ujiie's congratulations

Pictured above is held
JA said is an agricultural Festival of the mountain landscape.

2017In October 18,. : 10/18 Plant products

We have more stock in pansies and violas.

And other markets outside of going to purchase, so
We came in too little flowers or plants.

AndToday's flower sale

Kalanchoe usually 480 yen.
Would you believe it!200 yenAt the sale.
It is both 48 pots limited.

And, today more
Pansy Viola 1 pot 70 yen so far.
10 pot by buying in bulk, 650 yen.

Vegetables corner

Cabbage Ibaraki Prefecture, 1 ball 50 yen 3 shallots, peeled 100 yen

Lettuce Ibaraki Prefecture 1 40 yen 3 shallots, peeled 80 Yen

Chinese cabbage Miyagi Prefecture, one ball 100 yen 3 shallots, peeled 200 yen

Other store for sale.

Please take a look at the.

Chocolate up and guide

Machida West is indebted to the
Local farmers.
In the summer, lisianthus, Aster flower
Year round we shipped rice and vegetables, and shipped
Abe Akira, I-Mr & Mrs Kami.
Had graced the cover of this month's JA Sendai.

AndToday 10/18 (Wednesday) shop event...

Point card members receive 5% discount,

Of the pot (pottery, plastic bowls, etc.) 20% discount

By the wayEmail members is 3% discount every day.
(Cannot be combined with other discounts, so be careful! )

At lastGuide to the auction.
3This is the auction held for the month-Buri.
10/22(Sunday) is held by tomiya shop.
10When it is starting 30 minutes!

Await your visit,

2017In October 12,. : 10/12 Guide of weekend events
10/15(Sunday) event

Flowers grow friendship day in wholesale town.

Event storage 'pigeon House'
Sendai-Wakabayashi-Ku, wholesale-Cho 2-15-6

10/14(SAT)-10/15(Day) held for 2 days

Miyagi entire Festival
Miyagi flower

It is a packed weekend!

2017One day in October. : October events
Day 10-the first Sunday!
Harvesting even wonder if there ~

Over this flowery osmanthus,
Enveloped in the fragrance.

Maybe that's why fragrant olive??
With, but you will be prompted
Yes, there is!
Please do not plant in your garden?

October event schedule
Finally uploaded to the website.
I'm glad if you visit us!

October, every Sunday on the day of the week
Hold importantly of vegetables and fruit.
* The exception is next week, held 9 public holidays of the (Monday)

Every time an attempt is scheduled for trial and error.
Stay tuned ~

Tomiya shop limited "auctions"
10/22(Day)Of the meeting.

After a long time of month bargain city is 10 / 29,10 / 30.
The two-day meeting.

10/31Is Halloween
Kids candy gifts and.
In our adult chocolate giveaway!

10/7Hours of (Saturday) notice

For the employees,Both stores closed in 5:00 PMWe will.

Sorry for inconvenience, but
Please note that.