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2018年6月3日 : Workshop & out Zhang CDN planting workshop
5/23Held in the (Wednesday)
Succulent workshop
Thank you to everyone who participated!
Among our staff, stop planting I made!

Our customers and our work!

And 5 / 29(Fire), commissioned,
Neighborhood Association women's Division as of has been visiting a group planting class.
Super, too blessed with beautiful weather and rather hot...
Preparing a group of 6 pattern of planting materials
Then choose the one,
Shrubbery is you yourself... that we have taken form.

And here was held at Machida West
Group planting workshop.
Plenty of work!
All this is very nice

Popular demand6Also, group planting workshopWe will

2018March 22. : Workshop Guide

2018年5月17日 : 5/17 Held during the workshop!
I thought the day rain or fine-

Today, in the tomiya shop
Group planting & hanging basketsIt's
Workshop held inIt is!

Guys, I, Kikuchi teacher's advice by the
She makes work fun, lovely Oh ~

Today, it is held until around 4.

Your photo is a piece.
NiceIt is! ~

-Landscape workshop-

2018年5月15日 : Is a CDN planting workshop Guide

Mother's day is over, be relieved, although
It's gardening season amid still!
We struggle ^ ^;

さて、Guide to stop planting workshopIt is!

Fortune Valley shop 5 / 17 (Thursday)
Nishinakada shop 5/24(Wood)

10When 30 minutes-until 16 o'clock
(Earth's) participation fee 500 yen ~
* Varies slightly depending on the capacity of the user becomes available.

Reservations are not required, so
Please feel free to join.

A lot of Kikuchi Emiko teacher will advise you!

Your participation and look forward to.

20185 February 11 pm : 5/13 It is mother's day!

5/13()That is mother's day!

Mother's day gift, rich offer.
Local delivery is still time.
I want available to fit your budget, so
Please feel free to consult.