9/1 Condolences to late-summer

It is the start of the hot September!

Obon is over, relief,
In front of our impending autumn equinox.
Equinox this year with 9/19 (Monday) is.
And likewise9/19 (Moon) Is
"Respect for the aged day.What is!

Sympathy flower, grandparents day gifts
Shop is finally moving forward.

Event schedule for September
Distribution is in stores now.
Can be viewed from the home page
Please please contact us.

New events are also organized.

Flyers were distributed from the flower market the other day



This time, Sendai Philharmonic x flower market
The collaboration with.

For more information please see store flyers.

Flower for autumn has come and stock chills.

Autumn light Chrysanthemum goby tree gentian
Peacock Astor garden mum
Hagi and Murasaki Shikibu

Fall plants are in stock in.

Cabbage broccoli Chinese cabbage parental line
Cauliflower lettuce is in stock now.

Please, please use.