Christmas Wreath arrangement workshops

The other day, in the shops of West's
Christmas Wreath arrangement
Held a mini seminar! ... And the
The request was held.

The floral foam wreath
Kjachiba and himawhiba to me
One is rose-calycinum, Christmas Bush
Baseline, wax flower, apples,
Pine cones and Holly tried sticking.

It is work and who attended.

The other day, to day of the week, Taihaku-ku, SATB SATB SATB Hall
For presentation on the piano, poinsettia
Has been delivered.
The display was nice.

This ordering is also available;
Please feel free to consult us!

The photo above is another way your request
Mini arrangement with piano for presentations.

On the bouquet, and the piano recital
It was what you ordered.

The photos in the magazine is pictured below
For small, hard to see,
I've uploaded it again!

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