New agricultural direct marketing Association report

12/6(Day) to want to be held, I was
New agricultural direct marketing associationThe
You could finish the great success.

Our visit was
And we cooperated shinchi town
Thank you very much.

Mini auctionAlso had a great!
Upload some photos, please see.

For the next fiscal yearShinchi town agricultural farmers CommitteeThe plan also
We have decided. 12/4/2016 (Sunday) is.
Over the next year to

12/9(Water) of the event with us!

This is a project for the first time."Potted flowers and plants Viking.

500 yen discount to purchase 2,000 yen each.

Restriction of freedom combination and purchase points.
Please contact points already take an unknown.

The cyclamen do it is.
Seasonal gift, for your home or would you like to?