New blog!

It is a very, long time no blog!
Finally girl in March, was cutting long, but
Will be back!

I have been using thirteen
For the newly redesigned website at
Blog design also switched so
Thank you

Alright,CyclamenThe season has come! ~
Inside we sweeten red and pink cyclamen.
The cyclamen of gifts for many in stock
Later this month or early next month would think.

The other day, together with the staff
"Smile style calligraphy.I learned.
Horiuchi teacher and ask travel seminars
Held at West field.

Write for?... and the staff were
All their unique creations.
POP shop and price tag, use
Hope that I-and I'm sure.

11/9-11 / 13 over the Willow grade junior high school 2nd grade
Accepted students to two workplace practice was.
Ambitious hard working for me.
Good point, part-time students
Like me, I was really

On the last day flower arrangements to try and get the
It will not go to Memorial was.

Things I learned at the workplace experience in school life,
Happy if useful for me now-and I think.

In the future, SATO gardening Green station
Thank you very much.